Welcome to the Assassins United (^AU^) website, where you can find our forums, downloads and other related information. Our clan once started out as a Tribes and Starsiege clan and over time evolved into other branches. However, even until today we remain dedicated Tribes players and still have a server running. 

If you wish to join our ranks feel free to contact us via the general contact form or the recruiter list. We are an international clan, meaning you can find us all over the globe and in different timezones. We welcome all, casual gamers, hackers, coders, mappers and so on. Before you contact us, create an account and put as much information as possible so we can check you out ;-)

^AU^ is currently reviewing Tribes Ascend, a new group will soon open. If you wish to join please register and let us know. For the original Tribes please download it from the download section.

To gain full access you will have to register on the website.